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How often you should get manicure and pedicure?

You don't skip daily moisturizer and make-up, but what about manicure and pedicure? How often should you get it?
It is difficult to determine the optimal frequency, because it depends on the individual characteristics of the skin and nails of each client. Let's discuss what to choose: once a month or every 10-14 days.

Natural nails

On average, manicure on natural nails should be updated every 7-10 days if you visit the salon, and every 5-7 days if you perform it at home. Why so? The master in the salon or mobile manicure service is over-qualified and performs the procedure more accurately: remove all hangnails, cut off excess skin, and correctly frame up the shape of the nails. Gel manicure also can be performed and corrected at home.

ILuvMe mobile manicure and pedicure professionals know all secret "tips" how to prolong the period between procedures. Every type of manicure has some features, for example hardware manicure can be performed not more than twice a month. Your master will help you to schedule next visit in a right time.

Artificial nails

The frequency of artificial nails correction depends on the speed of their growth. ILuvMe clients schedule mobile manicure near them every 2 weeks. Proper nail care can extend this period up to 3 weeks. Ask your Master about additional care procedures: massage, waxing, masks.

If low-quality materials were used during extension and caused peeling of the extended nail plate, then the corrective procedure might be performed much earlier.

Pedicure procedure

On the toes nails grow 2 times slower than on the hands, so the pedicure procedure can be done one time after the manicure.
Approximately, once per month. But if you are practicing an active sport, have dry skin or uncomfortable shoes, due to which corns appear, then it is recommended to do a pedicure more often - once every 2-3 weeks.

How to keep your manicure and pedicure for a long time?

To prolong the interval between visits to a beauty salon, you should avoid exposure to chemicals on your hands, wash dishes with gloves, and wet your hands less. It is important to use a moisturizer so that the skin around the nails does not dry out. As for the feet, you need to use a foot scrub and wear proper shoes that don't deform your toes.

Any nail covering also requires proper care. Your beauty master will explain how to take care of gel polish, acrylic, and silk nails. If you have nail art stickers, it is truly important not to damage the nail. Avoid hits and pinches.