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Natural hair for extensions

Hair extensions are the ideal option for the girl who wants to change herself beyond recognition in a single day. There are different moments in life. Everyone knows the endless string of short hair jokes when a girl cuts off her hair after breaking up with an ex. For those who unexpectedly reconnect and get back together, this procedure seems to have been invented. However, there are a number of nuances that a girl should be aware of before heading to the salon.

Two hair types

There are different extension techniques that belong to one method or the other. This may seem complicated, but it is not uncommon for the choice to stop at the point where you have to decide on the hair extensions themselves. That is, the hair, in terms of its origin and structure. There are two types of hair: artificial hair and natural hair. Natural hair is the most commonly used, despite its high cost, it is fixed for a long time and at the same time it has a perfect structure, which brings a stunning aesthetic look. On our website you can book a consultation in the salon or call a hairdresser at home.

Natural hair types

  • Natural Hair Asia type
  • Natural Hair Europe type
  • South Russia type
  • Slovenian type

What makes them different

Hair differs in both its characteristic colour and structure.
Asian hair is darker in colour, closer to black, and tends to be very stiff and thick.
Slavic hair is the exact opposite of Asian hair. Firstly, it is very light and secondly, it is pleasant to touch. It is very soft, silky, so fluffy and can be used to create volume.