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Features of micro-capsule hair extensions

Girls have many virtues, but it's beautiful, thick hair that gives them a certain charm. What can you do if nature has not given you thick and beautiful curls? There is no way out, especially in the world of high technology.

There are many techniques for hair extension. But the safest technique is a microcapsule hair extension.

You can book a free hair extension consultation in our salon here. You can also book a home appointment for another home hair services. The masters here are first class and use the correct technology and natural materials.

The hair extension process begins with the selection of donor hair. Both the colour and structure of the hair are carefully studied to match the material exactly to the natural colour. A special machine is used to attach the locks as close to the roots as possible. This is done using heated wax.

The fixing capsules are small and unnoticeable as the right amount of wax is applied automatically.

The fixed strands are then curled with a ceramic curling iron. A single treatment consists of 200 to 300 strands. Their length is usually between 30 and 80 cm, the size is always adjusted by the client.

At the end of the treatment, split ends are removed and the transition to the face is smoothed to make the hair look more natural.

Advantages of the method

  • The locks can be worn for 4 to 6 months. There is no negative effect on living hair.
  • You can use balms and masks, colour and other beauty treatments.
  • Ideal for those with thin and sparse hair.
  • It is possible to grow hair on any part of the head.
  • No allergies as the capsules contain only natural ingredients,
  • You can go to the sauna with your hair extensions and there is no need to touch up your hair.