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Long hair care

Chic long hair - the dream of literally every woman. But, alas, nature does not give all the wealth in the form of long and thick hair, and have to grow it by laborious work. And after growing more and daily care, because without it they will look dull and lifeless. What exactly is included in the complex care for long hair and how to properly implement it - figure it out below!


Professional hairdressers say that the care of long hair requires a dual approach: external and internal. On the one hand, you need to restore the entire length of the hair, and on the other - to strengthen the bulbs and roots from the inside. But first things first.

For external care of long hair you need:

  • A shampoo that fights a specific problem: split ends, exhaustion throughout the length, oily roots or something else. Do not spare money for a professional line, in your case it is necessary;
  • Conditioner from the same brand series and purpose as the shampoo;
  • Masks from the above company, or homemade natural remedies;
  • Cheeses for urgent restoration. It is recommended to use them rarely - once a month or a month and a half. Firstly, they are quite expensive, and secondly, they have a concentrated chemical composition;
  • Oils based on vegetable oils, which are applied to the tips and half of the length. They are good for nourishing, but they can strongly contaminate the scalp, so use them in a day or two;
  • Herbal infusions that are good to rinse your hair with. Decoctions of nettle, burdock and hops are considered effective;
  • Wooden comb or natural brush to comb through the hair, starting from the tips.

As for the inner side of the care of long hair, you need tools and procedures that will nourish them from the inside and strengthen the bulbs. In this, the best helpers for you are as follows:

  • Vitamin complexes, which should take two times a year. Which to choose will prompt you hair artist for consultation;
  • A healthy diet with an emphasis on vitamins and pure water;
  • The stability of the nervous system, avoiding stress and strong feelings.

In general, this is all you need to take care of long hair, and all that can keep them healthy and gorgeous appearance. Do not forget to combine external and internal solutions, and then you will definitely be proud of your hair!