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Facial concealer - cosmetics for perfect makeup

Subtleties and tricks

Makeup - a word that frightens men and delights women. Behind it hides a philosophy. After all, the creation of beauty is a ritual, elevated to the rank of high art. This nuance is well aware of the Korean companies, producers of cosmetics. That is why their makeup kits are among the best among the other offerings. And the facial concealer is an essential attribute of any makeup kit. Our professional makeup artists are always ready to give advices about the use of concealer in home makeup.

Purpose and peculiarities of choice

Facial concealer implies the possibility of even distribution of foundation. This allows you to create a base for further makeup. Yes, and hide pigment spots, wrinkles, irregularities - an important task before this representative of the tools of the makeup artist. When choosing this attribute is worth understanding its variety.

The liquid version suggests the use for the most delicate areas of the face: the areas near the lips and eyes. This type of concealer perfectly masks pigmentation and fine lines. However it cannot conceal black spots. High-quality representatives of this type of concealer nourish the skin, improving its condition.

Pencil. This format is very convenient. But it is worth understanding that it stretches the skin. That is why pencil do not use or use with caution in areas that are located around the eyes. Such a variation of concealer perfectly masks pimples and burst blood vessels (or rather, the places of their redness). Experts recommend: during the day to apply a little pencil on pimples, gently rubbing with fingers. In the evening and for photoshoots, it is worth applying more effort to conceal imperfections of a temporary nature.

Stick is a controversial type of concealer. This point is that it is too drying for the skin. Therefore it is not suitable for everyday use. However, the stick helps, as if putty, to cover scars and deep enough pits. Do not use on delicate areas of the skin because of the high density of the substance.

About the benefits of Conciliar

If you follow the recommendations above, you can not only get an external temporary effect. Cosmetologists note that the use of concealer in accordance with the rules moisturizes the skin, saturating it with oxygen.

The use of quality products allows us to talk about the unsurpassed effect and positive effect of the concealer. After all, the branded makeup trappings include vitamin and mineral complexes. And the rich selection allows you to pick up the option you want, not only by complexion, but also by skin type, which is extremely important. And your face will be transformed after the first week of using concealer.