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Why do I need a manicure

Manicure and in general hand care is an important ritual for a woman. First of all, the manicure procedure itself is pleasant for a woman, the time spent in this way belongs only to you and no one else, you are in harmony with yourself. Well, the second point, a beautiful manicure always catches the eye, as well as an untidy one.

We are talking not only about bright nails with designs, rhinestones, drawings, etc., but also about the usual hygienic procedure. After all, such a hygienic procedure is called a manicure, and the rest is covered with a tone, the creation of a design is only an addition to it. Manicure can be done both in the studio or mobile manicure and pedicure service, choose the right option only for you.
To be fabulous, here are 5 real reasons why you should get a manicure!

Hand care

Our hands are, one might say, our two working tools. They are exposed to external factors – weather conditions, physical labor, dirt, dust, chemicals and much more. That is why it is so important to take care of them with special care, and manicure will help in this. Calluses form on our hands, they dry out or, on the contrary, sweat excessively, which leads either to dryness or greasiness of the skin, which is not good, nails are especially susceptible to contamination. Dirty nails with an overgrown cuticle will obviously not look like a match for you.

Manicure improves blood circulation

Proper blood circulation is important for good health and flexibility of bones and joints. Manicure includes cuticle treatment, hand and foot massage and moisturizing. These procedures improve blood flow to the arms and legs. It also relieves pain, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. By the way, it is better to go to a studio or a beauty salon for this, since you yourself will not be able to do the right massage, any massage in general.

You will never know what a fungal disease is

When the nails are not cared for, they can grow inward and cause infection. Exposure to moisture can also lead to fungal infections. The accumulation of dirt and bacteria in the nails or cuts and bruises on the hands and feet can lead to even more serious health complications.

Manicure will save your hands

Hand health is just as important as the health of your body, do not forget about it. With regular manicure sessions, your hands will always be moisturized, clean and healthy, and your nails will grow healthy and strong.

Beauty and aesthetics

Beauty and grooming is important for every woman. Therefore, well-groomed hands and feet are a top priority. Also, it increases self-confidence.