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The first nail extension

To make your nails of the perfect shape and length, you should use the service of a nail master for nail extensions. If you decide to do it yourself, first of all you should know what you need for nail extensions.

List of main tools

UV lamp

Practically no nail extension is possible without a special UV lamp. This is one of the most important devices, thanks to which the thick gel polymerizes and acquires solid properties, dries.

An LED, hybrid or UV lamp can be used to dry the gel on the nails. The choice depends on the structure of the gel polish. Lamps with a power of 36 watts are considered the best.

Cuticle removal tools

Such tools can be found in almost every home cosmetic bag: standard manicure kits most often include tweezers, wire cutters, a nail file and scissors. Additionally, you will have to buy orange sticks or a shovel-pusher. These tools help to push back the cuticle, lift it and cut it off. The main condition is that the tools are clean, sharp and without damage.


In the process of removing the cuticle or cutting off excess skin, as well as for disinfection of tools, it is necessary to have the simplest antiseptic at hand. They are treated with hands, nail plates, as well as tools necessary for building up.

Nail files

Nail files are necessary to shape the extended nails. The saws are distinguished by their rigidity. The stronger the abrasiveness of the nail file, the more it affects the nail, and the more it removes the unnecessary layer. The abrasiveness of the nail files is chosen depending on the condition of the nails.


Brushes are used for drawing, basic coating, patterns and nail decoration. When choosing them, pay attention to the pile being natural and hard, otherwise the coating will be uneven.


Buffs (or bafiks) resemble four-sided rectangular nail files with foam rubber in the middle, only their coating is smaller than that of ordinary nail files. They are used for the top grout of nails, to remove excess particles from the edge of the nail.

Home nail extension

For nail extensions at home, use a special gel. To make artificial nails, you need to buy a lamp for drying. The effect lasts up to 4 weeks.

  1. Prepare the workplace and arrange the tools and materials in the order in which you will use them.
  2. Start the build-up with the processing of the natural plate and cuticle. The basic mini kit usually includes all the tools for nail preparation. Do not remove the cuticle at the root if you do not want to bring bacteria and dirt into the micro-cracks. The cuticle just prevents infections and pathogens from entering the nail area. Moisten the cuticle well and push it to the base of the plate.
  3. Carefully apply a base coat to prepare the nails for extension. Make sure that the ends of the nail have open edges. This is necessary for the hermetic coating of the main layer.
  4. If you accidentally touched the nail plate, gently clean it before applying the gel for extension.
  5. Apply the shape of the desired length and apply a thin layer of gel. Check the plates for gaps. Dry your nails under the lamp for 1 minute.
  6. Then make a small ball of gel and apply it to the middle of each nail. In a circular motion, align the layer with flat special brushes. Also distribute the gel according to the shape that lengthens the natural nail.
  7. Dry the nails under the lamp for 2 minutes.
  8. Then lightly polish the nails and give the tips the desired shape.
  9. If necessary, apply gel polish or top coat to the extended nails to consolidate the result.