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How to take care of normal hair

If you are the owner of normal hair with an optimal water-lipid balance, then your ends are not dry and not prone to oiliness, something in between. So, how to care of normal hair and not spoil it?

The first advice that ILuvMe masters can give concerns the regularity of shampooing. You don’t need to wash your hair every day, but you shouldn’t do it too infrequently either. Once every 2-3 days is optimal.

Normal type of hair is a perfect base for any wedding and hair makeup, but you need to be sure of masters' professionalism and materials safety. So, you should choose not only the right shampoo and hair-mask, but also the right hairbrush, hairclips and so on. They should not injure and pull out your curls.

It is really important not to brush wet hair and to minimize blow dryer use. This leads to their tearing and brittleness. Let the curls dry naturally, hot air is bad for hair.

Minimize the use of styling products in everyday life. Gels and mousses are necessary to create a festive look, for example makeup hair wedding, but you should not use them constantly.

Trim the ends of your normal hair regularly. Thus, you will improve your hair, give them the opportunity to grow, protect their beautiful appearance and shine. Curls will break and tangle less if you visit the salon minimum once per half-year.

To keep your hair looking healthy for a lifetime, try to eat more products containing vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamins E and C.

Today, there are many ready-made products for hair care, but you can use self-made herbal mixes and masks. A mask with burdock oil, for example, nourishes the hair with essential fats and beneficial elements. Chamomile decoction will make hair shiny and healthy. Despite the fact that naturopathy is very useful for hair, care is best left to a professional. After all, if you have long and carefully selected the wedding hairdresser near you, why not also choose a hair care master.

Even if you have no complaints, visit a trichologist at least once a year for primer diagnostics. The specialist can notice pathological processes, even when they do not yet have pronounced symptoms.

Specialists recommend wearing hats and caps in winter and summer to protect curls from temperature changes and harmful UV radiation.

To sum up, you can keep your normal hair healthy if you:

  • have professional hair care;
  • keep a healthy diet,
  • drink enough water (because the condition of the scalp directly depends on water),
  • periodically take supplements,
  • avoid stress and overwork.