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Makeup artist home service

If a girl is going to attend an important event, she should carefully consider the image following its theme. The importance of appearance is helping you to feel much more confident and attract the admiring glances of other people, which will significantly improve both your mood and your self-esteem.

When do I need a makeup artist Dubai home service?

The home service makeup artist may be required in the following cases:
• preparations for a graduation party;
• wedding ceremony;
• romantic date;
• business meeting or interview;
• birthday party;
• photoshoot.

You cannot even look for an occasion - you can just treat yourself to a new image to improve your mood.

Main advantages of the service

A home makeup artist is quite a popular service, as a specialist will come directly to your home at the agreed time and make perfect permanent makeup, thanks to which you will be in the center of attention at any event. The advantages of the service include:

  • time-saving. You don't need to rush anywhere, stay in traffic or wait for your turn in a beauty salon - the master will come to your place at the previously agreed time;
  • the guarantee of permanent and attractive makeup. The make-up artist takes into account all the features of your skin and uses only high-quality cosmetics of proven brands, so you can be confident in your unsurpassed appearance during the entire event;
  • maximum comfort. Nowhere can be as relaxed and peaceful as in your own home;
  • ILUVME masters create an image following the outfit: when makeup is ready, a girl can try on a dress or suit and make adjustments in the makeup
  • the master will accentuate your advantages and conceal your imperfections.

How to prepare for the image creation?

First of all, you must wash your hair with shampoo without using conditioners, balsams, styling products, and dry it with a hairdryer. It is not recommended to use irons and tie the hair in a ponytail, as it can appear creases. It is also worth:

• Determine the place where the image will be created. The room should be well-lit, so most often the make-up area is located near a window;
• Arrange a table on which to place cosmetic products;
• Pre-clean the skin of the face and apply a moisturizing nourishing mask. Grooming procedures should be done about 15-20 minutes before the arrival of the master.
The best hair and makeup artist near me will create a really radiant and bright image. With the masters of ILUVME you can fully relax before an important event, while the makeup artists conjure over your appearance.