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Toning and dye at home

Hair dyeing and toning are quite popular procedures among women and men. There are many reasons for changing the color of locks: someone wants to hide gray, and some want to radically change their image or correct the natural shade of their hair. Also, you should not forget about keeping your hair in an attractive condition. The rhythm of modern women's lives is merciless, so not every woman has time to visit a beauty salon, but at the same time, hairdressing services are essential. In this case, the ideal option is the service at-home hair color.

The main advantages of home hair dye

Hair dyeing is an art, which cannot be learned in a day, that's why you should turn to professionals. Professionals regularly improve their skills by attending master classes and learning new coloring techniques. Toning hair at home by masters of ILUVME salon has the following advantages:

  • A significant saving of time and effort: you do not need to get to the beauty salon, spend precious minutes in traffic and sit in a queue for a long time - colorist ILUVME will come at any convenient time for you at your home;
  • Selection of the ideal shade that will blend flawlessly with the color of your skin and eyes. Of course, taking into account your wishes regarding the future image;
  • Use of professional dyes, toners, and tools, proven brands that have a gentle effect on the structure of the hair;
  • uniform application of dye - you will not have the problem of undyed strands. This result is impossible to achieve by your own experiments with the color of curls and the use of unprofessional colors of mass-market;
  • getting the desired result after the first dyeing. You do not need to worry that something will go wrong during the dyeing process and you will have to run to the store to correct a bad shade;
  • professional consultation of the master on the care of colored hair;
  • maximum comfort. In addition to the fact that you are in a familiar home environment, friendly masters ILUVME will create a friendly atmosphere and maintain a pleasant conversation on any topic.

Best at-home hair dye: how to prepare for the coloring procedure

Before hair dyeing it is necessary to prepare curls for such an aggressive procedure: cut ends, moisturize curls with special masks, conditioners, and balms. It is also necessary to consult with a colorist in case you have decided to radically change the shade - you may need several coloring sessions to achieve the desired result. You should also:

  • Refuse to use irons and stylers for 2 weeks before dyeing;
  • Wash your hair immediately before dyeing, as the dye lies more evenly on clean curls;
  • To refrain from using styling cosmetics (mousses, gels, sprays) for 2-3 days before dyeing.

After the dyeing, the hair needs intensive care - ILUVME specialist will help you to choose the products for the restoration of curls.