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Nail strengthening tips

Brittle nails look like a tragedy. Do you know any expert-approved remedies? Strengthening your nails will help make your nails strong, so you will wear a nail cover longer, and your nails will break less. There are several ways to strengthen nails, let's discuss the most effective.

Which types of professional nail strengthening exist?

You can strengthen your nails by using the base coat, sometimes this is enough. When nail master applies the base to the nail, stress zone becomes under reliable protection. The stress zone is located in the middle of the nail and is the most vulnerable part of our nails.

The next most popular method in our salon practice is strengthening with acrylic powder. The powder has a porous structure and helps to build the skeleton of the nail, which prevents the nails from exfoliating and breaking. This strengthener is available both in salon, and in manicure and pedicure home service. Acrylic powder is safe, harmless material and it has no smell at all.

You can also strengthen nails with acrylatic cover. Acrylatic is a gel and acrylic combination. It is more suitable for extra-long nails.

ILuvMe nails masters use only high-quality materials, sterile instruments and safe coatings to strengthen your nails.

What can you do to strengthen your nails at home?

ILuvMe nail masters created the formula "TOP-8 secrets of strong nails".

  1. Keep proper nutrition rich in vitamin B (especially B12 and biotin) and collagen. Discuss with your practitioner supplements for nails.
  2. Drink more water, but minimize exposure to water on your nails. Wash dishes and clean up only in gloves.
  3. "No polish vacation" — give your nails a break from any polish, even curative.
  4. Moisturize your hands and nail cuticles.
  5. Monthly maintenance: schedule regular nails care procedures at home or in the salon.
  6. Avoid acetone removers. ILuvMe mobile gel nails team uses only acetone-free materials.
  7. Perform short but regular strengthening bath for nails with sea salt, oils and herbs.
  8. Treat your hands with paraffin wax in the salon or at home.

What is the cause of your brittle nails?

Apart from malnutrition, lots of factors provoke brittle nails. ILuvMe nails masters recommend you to make sure the polishes you use. Some covers may be harmful because they contain formaldehyde. Replace gel nails with soak-off gel nails for some time to strengthen your nail plate. There are lots of natural-leaning materials for healthy nails.

Your fingernails and toenails need care and only a multi-pronged approach will help to keep them healthy.