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Hair extensions: is it safe?

Many girls today want to have long and thick curls that you can be proud of. However, not all nature has given the necessary thickness and strength of hair. Often women have to do hair extensions to correct this deficiency. Our masters can make a stylish hairstyle in just one session. But there are certain nuances, which should be studied before you decide to add hair extensions.

There are certain contraindications to the procedure, namely:

  • Excessive hair loss. Extension involves attaching artificial strands to the native hairs. As a result, the strain on your hair is increased, strands and skin are stressed. If your hair is too weak, it can withstand the excessive weight and will fall out more actively, in which case you need to treat your hair and scalp before extensions.
  • Therapy with hormones and antibiotics, chemotherapy - these periods are also unfavorable for hair extensions;
  • The presence of trauma and other injuries of the scalp;
  • Recent perms, dyeing or carving.

It is extremely important to choose a professional hair artist, who will precisely follow the technology of hair extensions and will not harm your own hair. Otherwise, there is a risk of excessive tangling, breakage, loss of strands, etc.

The type of hair extension, length and density are chosen taking into account your personal features and hair structure. This problem can be solved by a hair artist. There are two main methods of hair extension: cold and hot. For example, the hot method applies high temperatures to the hair, which can damage the hair and hair follicles. When choosing a technique, the wishes and personal characteristics of the client's hair are taken into account.