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Applying makeup base

To apply the base the home makeup you can use several methods: sponge, fingertips, brushes. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have a few days before your photo shoot, you can test each method and choose the most suitable for you.


Sponge makeup
Applying base with a sponge can result in thinner, smoother coverage with perfect blending. If the photo shoot is held in the evening, applying base with a sponge is considered the most suitable method. The sponge layers the base on the skin a little more densely compared to other methods.

When applying base with a sponge there is one major disadvantage - it consumes a lot.

Before using a sponge, soak it in plain water and squeeze. With this trick, less cream will be used, because of the absorbed moisture, while at the same time its surface will be the softest possible. This will help the base blend more evenly.

Next, apply the base first on your hand and dot it on the T-zone. This way you can control the amount of base on your face as well as distribute it evenly all over your face.

Use light patting movements to distribute the base over your face. The direction is from the center to the periphery, trying to avoid hitting the eyebrows and hairline.

Use your fingers

makeup base by fingers

The advantage of this method is that the natural heat of the hands warms the base , making it more plastic. It is considered the most economical in terms of product consumption. However, it is much more difficult to apply it beautifully and evenly with your fingers than with a brush or sponge. Therefore, if you do not have practice, when creating an image for a photo shoot, it is recommended to use a more proven method.

To apply base with your fingertips, apply as much product as you need. Then dot it all over your face. Use literally a couple of drops on each of the areas - cheeks, nose, center of the forehead, chin.

It is extremely important not to smudge the base, as it will only emphasize the skin texture. It is necessary to pat the product into the skin starting from the center of the face, gradually moving to the edges. Carefully work on every inch of the skin so that there are no untouched areas or unbroken borders.


makeup base by brush

The advantage of using a special base brush is that it allows you to act with maximum precision. Our masters of makeup services often choose this method. It is also considered the most convenient way to apply the product - the hands remain clean and there is no need to wash the sponge from the base (the brush is cleaned in a simpler method).

To apply the base with a brush, put it on your hand so that it warms up a little from the warmth of your hands. Spread a small amount of base all over your face and start rubbing with the brush. As you rub it in, add more cream. Make circular motions, or linear motions if the brush is flat. At the same time, do not press the brush, it should be light movements, so the base is applied more accurately and evenly.