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Dry Hair care

Dry hair is a common problem for many girls, and how to deal with this "straw" on the head? Not every moisturizing and nourishing mask will help you, you need to understand the features of your scalp, your hair and their structure. Let's talk about dry hair and beauty at home today.

Dandruff, split brittle tips, the general appearance of "hay" on the head – all this can be corrected and prevented at home! It is important to remember a few rules:

1. Vitamins are the head of everything!

Masks, shampoos, balms are certainly good, but until you have enough vitamins from the inside, the condition of your hair will not change. Important vitamins are group A (found in liver, eggs, cheese, peaches, fresh milk, etc.), group B (beef, bananas, pears, etc.), group C (rosehip, cauliflower, onion, red pepper, etc.) and group D (chicken, sour cream, butter, salmon).

2. The season of the year matters

Do not forget that nature has thought everything out for us: in summer we get vitamins from berries and fruits, such as strawberries and peaches, in winter from mangoes and other winter fruits. More often pay attention to seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries in your diet.

3. Hats are back in fashion!

Do not forget to hide your hair under a cap, hat or raft to limit exposure to direct sunlight in summer. This is extremely important, since hair, like skin, "burn" in the sun.

4. Don't wash your hair every day

If your hair is dry, daily shampooing will only aggravate the situation, instead, wash it once or twice a week. Thus, you will reduce the impact of water on the scalp, because water dries our skin.

5. Do not blow dry your hair immediately

After washing, tie a towel on your head and let the water soak in on its own.

6. Refuse any thermal effects

If you have a dry scalp, then a hair dryer, an iron, a curling iron and any other devices with hot influences will play a cruel joke on you. Curl your hair into foam curlers.

7. Comb. Choose the right one

It is best to take a brush with natural bristles, and comb the hair, starting from the ends, and not from the roots.

8. Oils, balms and other

It is important to choose the right care: starting from shampoo and ending with oils and sprays for care. Your hairdresser will help you in the correct selection of funds, he knows your hair and will advise exactly the means that will not harm, but will help solve the problem.