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Brown colours

Our master architects and eyebrow tinters will help you choose a color based on

  • Hair color
  • Eye color and shape
  • Natural arch shape
  • The presence of hollow areas
  • Individual skin features

Attempting to master the art of make-up and eyebrow coloring on your own may not succeed at the first or even the second time. This is particularly fraught with disappointment when the basic rules and techniques of the correction procedure are not taken into account.

Not blindly following fashion, but a business-like approach!

The slim brow line has been replaced by a natural and as close as possible to the "native" look. The right choice of color will always balance the features of the face and complement them with noble and stylish shades. Dark-haired girls are advised to choose a tone lighter color for the eyebrows, but it is only a basic rule, which is simply taken as a basis. It's necessarily complemented by things like:
  1. Length of curls and hairstyle.
  2. The presence, absence and type of fringes in a girl.
  3. Thickness of the eyebrows.
For fair-haired ladies, it's common opinion to choose a color that's a shade darker. But if a woman is blonde, dyeing her eyebrows 'almost blonde' would negate her natural beauty credentials. This theory also has its own nuances. When choosing a color palette of blonde eyebrows, experts rely on such parameters:

  • The use of a cool or warm hair base. If a woman dyes her hair in warm colors, then her eyebrows are dyed in a similar concept.
  • Shape and cut of the eyes.

The rules are the guarantee of a perfect result

When choosing a color, it's important to stick to the ground rules which apply to the purchase of any product. Collecting information and testing the product in advance will help avoid the problem of "wasted money" and will save not only money but also precious time.
Selfies help a lot when experimenting with free-floating. Being able to see yourself from the side and analyze the result allows you to bring the beginning to a perfect result that is just as good as a salon treatment. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the products and the manufacturer. The price range of quality products varies widely and is affordable to the average consumer. Therefore, it is better to give preference to well-known brands with a hypoallergenic base.

For the best results, you can always order an at-home brow coloring service here.