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Hair and makeup for a wedding

The wedding is a significant event in the girls' life. That is why it is not surprising that every representative of the fair sex wants to look perfect on this festive day and to attract the eyes of the guests. Not only the choice of the dress but also harmonious match the image and features of the bride's hair and makeup for the wedding will help to cope with this task.

What should you know about the hair and makeup wedding packages?

A competent selection of makeup and hairstyles is a pledge of your confidence in your own irresistibility at the celebration. Your wedding image should be thought over in detail and pretested before the wedding. It is recommended to make some trial makeup and hairstyles before the wedding to make adjustments and create a perfect image under your preferences and wishes. A hair and makeup artist for wedding will work out all the details to make you look elegant and graceful on such a momentous day.

The important thing for your wedding makeup is its durability: the bride needs to look perfect from morning till late night. For this purpose, ILUVME salon specialists use high-quality cosmetics of proven brands. Another requirement is photogenicity, as it is impossible to imagine a wedding without photo sessions and shootings with guests. Makeup artists give preference to gentle pastel shades, which look equally attractive aesthetically as in the photo and in life.

Makeup shades are chosen by professionals depending on the season, age, temperament, skin and eye color of the bride, her look, and wishes. At the same time, the makeup should not attract all the attention on itself, but it should be combined with the whole bow and emphasize all the girl's virtues.

The main stages of the bride's makeup

· Smoothing the color of the skin. A foundation with a base and cosmetics to eliminate skin flaws are used or this;

· Correction of eyebrows. To this end, a pencil, mascara, or shadow are used;

· Eye makeup. It is considered the "highlight" of the entire image. It is better to give preference to matte shades of shadows that contrast with the color of the eyes, brown or classic black mascara, and false eyelashes of medium length;

· Lip decoration. The use of permanent lipstick that will remain on the lips even after passionate kisses and a banquet is suggested.
The bride's hair should also be combined with the overall concept of the image, style, and character of the girl. A professional hairdresser takes into account all the features of the bride's hair - the structure, density, color, and length.
You can order a complex of services in the salon ILUVME - we guarantee the creation of an elegant image, which will allow you to shine and attract rapturous glances from others. Hair and makeup for wedding prices are affordable and affordable.