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Original coloring: the shatouch technique

The pursuit of beauty

Where does the enchanting look begin? When it comes to a woman, in the first place her wealth is her hair. Therefore, ladies and ladies of all ages pay special attention to hair care and its appearance. Hair dyeing has become a traditional procedure for many ladies. Therefore, it is so important that the dye is of high quality, and during the procedure, all the nuances are observed. Recently, the coloring of the shatouche is in particular demand. This is due to a number of factors:

  • The technique allows you to correct the black color, giving a few years of youthfulness;
  • refreshes the hair;
  • creates a special coloring, standing out among the other representatives of the beautiful half of mankind;
  • it is ideal for both young girls and women.


The preliminary stage includes the preparation of the hair. First, a couple of weeks before dyeing is to strengthen the curls. A variety of masks and oil wraps are used. Secondly, you should not wash your hair 2-3 days before the procedure. Dirty hair is better penetrated by the dye, dyeing it evenly. The effect will last long enough. Experts recommend straightening hair in advance if it is curly, in order to achieve the best effect.
If the coloring is planned to be carried out at home and on your own, you will need a brush made of natural hair, containers for mixing the colors, as well as special holders of curls. But it is always better to use the services of our hair artists, who have the best equipment and professional dyes at hand.
Conventionally divide the head into 4 zones and fix the hair on them. Each zone will have its own strands, the thickness of which should not exceed 2 cm. Next, the combing technique creates an air cushion (about 10 cm from the roots), which helps to better color all areas. The prepared mixture is applied "jerkily" with intermittent movements. This is followed by blurring. The paint is washed off after 30-35 minutes.

About the effect

Technique shatush plays a fundamental role in the case, if the priority is the effect of sun-burned hair. It is achieved due to the fact that the fine strands of hair are only a few shades different from the base color. Shatouche is especially popular, as it is possible to perform this procedure at home, but it is better to visit a salon. The effect lasts long enough, and the hair has a natural look.