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5 tips for the care of extended lashes

Every girl at least once has heard about the eyelash extensions procedure. It is possible to treat it positively or negatively, to try it once or to do it for several years, but it is necessary to know which basic rules should be followed for the effect to last longer, and the lash extensions to be safe.


Some masters forget to explain how important proper washing is. During the day in the inter eyelash space accumulates dust, skin particles and other things, and without proper cleansing there is a risk of irritation or, worse, an infection. It is obligatory to clean the eyelashes in the morning and evening, and it is not recommended to rub the eyes, as well as to use oil-based products.

Makeup removers

Foams, toners, micellar water and other products should always be water-based. Oils destroy the structure of the glue and considerably shorten the life of the false eyelashes.


After the procedure, the master should give the client a personal brush for eyelashes, as it is a disposable consumable material. It is necessary to brush eyelashes as far as it is necessary to prevent their entanglement between each other, besides, it is allowed to use a brush during washing for better clearing of eyelashes at the roots.

Skin Care Around the Eyes

Many girls are used to applying care products to the area around the eyes. With false eyelashes, it is important to make sure that the creams do not get on the root zone in any case.

Bath and sauna

It is believed that visiting baths and saunas in the first 2-3 days after extensions can affect the comfortable wearing of eyelashes, but this is rather a myth. In order for the glue to polymerize properly and the artificial eyelash to fix to the natural one, it is enough to avoid contact with water for a few hours after the procedure.

Eyelash extensions are comfortable, convenient, and the most important thing is that they are absolutely safe with simple rules of care! We can also perform eyelash extensions at your home.