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Nail extension aftercare

Nail extension is quite a popular service today. How long your manicure will look immaculate depends on the technique of execution, nail master professionalism and the materials. ILuvMe specialists prepare for you some useful tips to prolong your nails' life after extension. 

After extension "must do" list

  1. Use gloves to protect your skin and nails, especially after extension: wash dishes and clean up only in gloves. 
  2. Avoid any overload on nails during the first 48 hours after the manicure. Gel or acrylic extensions require extra bonding time. 
  3. Exclude sauna and hot bath for at least the first two days. 
  4. Narrow down all damaging things. Take care of your nails, because aggressive actions can cause certain defects, and the manicure itself will no longer look so attractive. Say no to your habit of knocking on the table or chair arms.
  5. Schedule an appointment for ILuvMe mobile nail service to perform special care procedures. 
  6. Take simple care of your skin, apply moisturizing lotions to exclude chapped hands. Avoid Lanolin based products, because they cause nail lifting. 
  7. In case you see signs of nail lifting, mobile nail salon specialists will come to correct the enhancement.

What's more 

The mobile nail spa treatment is certainly a good idea if you permanently do something with your nails. The main idea is to give a rest to your nails. Master can use special purifying mixes and healing covers. After such treatment the nail plate strengthens. 

If your nails become brittle, think about your diet. Add more goods rich in A and E vitamins, such as fish or natural oils. It is better to discuss with your health practitioner additional vitamin complex, especially with B group, vitamin D and calcium. Dairy products have a huge effect on the nails' growth and their appearance. Our nail masters are glad to consult you about nutrients which help you to keep your nails healthy. 

ILuvMe nail care policy

First, our team uses only non-acetone polish remover and low-toxicity (free of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals) polishes to protect your nail and skin. 

Second, sterile procedures are always observed with medical-grade disinfectants in order to prevent any infections. 

Third, we do our best for your nails' extension, as the result, the effect lasts three or even four weeks. 

Fourth, files and buffers are given to you after one use. We never reuse orangewood sticks or any other once-only instruments. 

Fifth, we focus on the overall health of the nail, thus you may be sure that our enhancements add length and strength to your natural nails.