Nail services

Manicure 100 AED

Pedicure 130 AED

Mani&Pedi Combo 200 AED

Color change 40 AED

Cut & File 40 AED

Kids Manicure 50 AED

Kids Pedicure 65 AED

Standard Nail polish

Manicure 170 AED/180 AED(with Luxio)

Pedicure 180 AED/ 190 AED (with Luxio)

Mani&Pedi Combo 330 AED/ 350 AED (with Luxio)

Gel polish application only 70 AED/ 80 (with Luxio)

Gel polish removal 30 AED

Gel Nail polish

Acrylic/Gel (standard polish included) 350 AED

French Nail Extensions 400 AED

Ombré Extensions 400 AED

Refill Acrylic/Gel 280 AED

Nail repair 50 AED per nail

Extensions removal 130 AED

Overlay Acrylic/Gel 200 AED

Nail Extensions


SPA Jelly Pedi Treatment 100 AED

SPA Collagen Hands/Feet Treatment 50 AED

Callus Removal 70 AED

Hands Massage (30 min) 100 AED

Feet Massage (30 min) 150 AED

Nail Art

French 50 AED

Ombré 50 AED

Nail Art simple 10 AED per nail/ 70 AED full set

Nail Art 3D/drawing 15 AED per nail/100 AED full set

Nail Art Stones 10 AED small(per nail)/ 15 AED big (per nail)

Nails Inquiries

Manicures and pedicures

People usually evaluate the attractiveness of a girl not only by her makeup, styling, or clothes. They also notice the state of her hands. Even if her hands are constantly exposed to unfavorable factors, they should look well-groomed and neat. It's best to contact the experts at mobile nails to achieve the perfect result. There is no need to go deliberately to the salon to make manicures or pedicures because Iluvme masters can carry out all manipulations at home in a comfortable environment for you.

What services can be used in the office of mobile nail technicians?

Nowadays, manicure, despite a hygienic measure, is also an indicator of the status and individuality of a woman. Attractive and graceful nails are a bright detail in the image of every girl, which attracts the eyes of other people. Not only do the nails and hand skin need thorough care: one shouldn't forget about the importance and necessity of the mobile pedicure. The most common and popular care techniques include:

Classic mobile manicure

The service involves treating the cuticle, massaging the hands, giving the nail plate the desired shape and varnish coating. This technique uses scissors and pliers, while the hardware method involves the use of cutters - the latter option is preferable because of the longer preservation of the aesthetic appearance of the manicure. Many masters prefer a combined version of the classic manicure.

Gel nail polish

The procedure is the most popular among the fair sex because of its attractiveness, the possibility of long-term wear, the elimination of visible defects of the nail plate, and its protection from the effects of adverse external factors. The technique includes:

  • removing the cuticle;
  • hand massage;
  • nail coating with gel nail polish;
  • fixing the material with a lamp.

Nail extension

The service is in demand among girls who want to smooth the nail plate, hide defects and get the desired manicure shape. Another significant advantage is the originality - you can create an absolutely unique design. Iluvme masters use acrylic and gel for extensions: to learn about the characteristics of each material, contact a specialist of the mobile nail salon.

Nail care

If the skin on your hands is cracked, dry and flaky, or if calluses have calcified on your feet, you might need a spa treatment. You can be sure that after the manipulation of the Iluvme master your hands and feet will shine with freshness, will be soft, gentle, and well-groomed. An additional bonus is a pleasant atmosphere and the pleasure of communicating with our specialist.


Only professional care can achieve an aesthetic appearance of feet and get rid of nail problems. Today there are several variants of pedicure:

  • classic;
  • hardware;
  • Europea;
  • medical.

The technique of each procedure is somewhat different. It is better to consult with the master in advance to choose the most appropriate one.