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Nail care after extension

Nail extension is quite a popular service today. It is comfortable and looks nice, neat and pretty. Its durability depends on the technique of execution, the professionalism of the technician and quality of the used materials. But these are not the only criteria. We advise you not to neglect the subsequent care of your nails after the extension procedure. We're going to list the top nail extension aftercare advice to guarantee your nails look their best.

Proper care of extensions nails

To make this procedure as useful and effective as possible you should adhere to a set of rules.

  1. After nail extension try to avoid visiting saunas for at least the first two days. The thing is the humidity may lead to deformation and damage to the manicure. This applies to both acrylic and gel manicure. Therefore, we recommend that you be as careful as possible in the early days.
  2. Use high-quality cuticle oil as often as possible. It’ll nourish the nails and make them stronger.
  3. Protect your hands by using rubber gloves when dishwashing or other domestic tasks. With constant exposure to water or contact with detergents, damage to the nails may occur. This will entail certain defects, and the manicure itself will no longer look so attractive.
  4. It is also better to temporarily abandon the habit of knocking on the table or chair arms. This can not only cause some discomfort and bring pain, but also compromise the integrity of the extended nail plate’s base.

In addition, we recommend you to perform special care procedures in beauty salons, or with the help of mobile nail service. Visiting a mobile nail salon is particularly relevant in conditions of lack of free time. Calling the master at home will be a real salvation. A specialist can not only make professional maintenance, but also correct a previously discovered loss of coverage. Your nail extensions should be removed in the professional salon to prevent any damage. If there are any signs of nail lifting, you should immediately come into the mobile nail salon to fix the problem. 

Additional advices

Mobile nail spa is a good procedure, but don’t forget to give your nails a break. With each treatment, the nail plate is erased, becomes thinner and softer and more prone to deformation. 
Moisturize the nail plate with oils and rub vitamins into them. Use vitamins A, E as well as complex B5. A course of taking vitamin D and calcium inside is also desirable. A diet with the obligatory presence of bananas, sea fish, berries, herbs, eggs, beef and cottage cheese will also favorably affect the growth of nails and their condition.
It is recommended to have a regular manicure after removal to clean the nail bed and tidy your nails.