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What is a mobile manicure?

Mobile manicure today is one of the most popular services for women. Beautiful, attractive nails are the sign of a girl who keeps up her appearances. Mobile manicure and pedicure service provide guaranteed great outcomes, therefore many ladies choose it for themselves.

Description of the treatment

Workflow runs by the use of a special mobile machine, which has several nozzles for grinding. It is a small box about 7 cm wide, 20 cm long and 16 cm high. This special machine is powered by the mains and has small cable connections. It is quite compact and does not take up much space. The handle of the motor for grinding is attached to the machine. All this is very convenient. 

It should be noted that the quality of mobile manicure and pedicure are more influenced not by the device itself, but by the technician's expertise. This treatment requires maximum precision and painstaking that this work was carried out efficiently and does not need to be quickly corrected. Experienced professionals will not cause discomfort and perform the procedure at the highest level.

Professional processing of nails does not require prior hands steam, it performs on completely dry skin. The process requires constant change of nozzles, since each of them has its own purpose. One - for cuticle removal, the other - for polishing the nails actually, the third removes keratinized particles, etc. Nozzles and caps are used in accordance with the individual characteristics of the client's skin and nail plate. The thickness, the presence of microcracks, damage to the periungual base and many other factors that can bring discomfort are taken into account.

The benefits of mobile manicure and pedicure

This procedure is popular among women and has a number of advantages:

  1. Safety. The treatment by the special mobile machine is the least traumatic and does not damage the nail plate and the skin around it.
  2. The absence of pain compared to the trimmed manicure and pedicure.
  3. Sterility which prevents accidental the spread of any infection.
  4. Usability, due to the fact that only cutters are used for work.
  5. Long-term effect. With mobile processing, the cuticles grow more slowly and the nails retain a neat and well-groomed appearance for much longer.

Therefore this procedure is quite profitable and helps you to save costs.

Let's note that mobile manicure at home is ideally suited for those ladies who value their time. Mobile nail professionals do much of the same work that is performed in nail salons, but it is performed in the client's own home, or a location of her choosing. You can get high-quality manicures or pedicures at home no worse than at a beauty salon.