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Mobile Nail Salon

Well-groomed hands are an integral part of the image and look of any person because even flawless makeup and hairstyle lose their attractiveness without a neat manicure. That's why it's so important to give proper care to your hands and nails.

The main advantages of the service

The service of a mobile nail salon is quite in demand for several reasons:

· Convenience and comfort. You do not need to spend time and money on the road to the beauty salon to get a manicure and pedicure - the master will come to your home, where you will feel most comfortable and relaxed;

· Professionalism and accuracy. We value your trust and put safety in the first place. We use only high-quality sterilized instruments for all manipulations - Kraft bags are opened in your presence. ILUVME masters are professionals with many years of experience, so they will fulfill your every whim at the highest level;

· The use of high-quality materials. To make your manicure look flawless and last as long as possible, masters use cosmetics from the best brands;

· Fixed prices. You do not need to pay extra for the departure of the master - it is included in the cost of services.

Also mobile nail technician on the road guarantees a pleasant pastime. A friendly ILUVME specialist will give a lot of positive emotions and make the care procedure as pleasant as possible.

The basic steps of the procedure

Master manicure performs the following set of actions so that your hands look flawless:

  1. Removing the old coating from the nail plate with subsequent correction of its shape.
  2. Softening of the skin with warm water baths. For the best effect, sea salt and various essential oils are added to the liquid.
  3. The elimination of rough cuticles. After softening in the bath, this stage of trimming the rim is as quick and easy as possible. Care is very important, as unevenly cut cuticles can cause burns and skin damage. You can not fear these problems with ILUVME professionals. The specialists of our salon carry out all manipulations with the utmost care and accuracy.
  4. Polishing the nail plate and gentle care. Nails are treated with special oils with moisturizing properties for their treatment and strengthening after all the procedures.
  5. Varnish coating. Salon ILUVME offers a huge number of options for manicure: from classic gentle French to any original designs of your choice. All this is possible through a variety of techniques, high-quality equipment, and quality materials.

Also, different SPA treatments moisturize, rejuvenate, and saturate with nutrients skin. Hand skin is often exposed to unfavorable environmental factors, so it quickly loses its elasticity, attractiveness, and tenderness. SPA-procedures contribute to the renewal of hands' beauty and restoration of skin water balance.