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What is hardware manicure and pedicure?

One of the most popular manicure and pedicure techniques is hardware. ILuvMe invites you to estimate its pros and cons and to try something new in nail care service. This modern technology for treating nails of hands and feet requires a special device with specific nozzles. It is a good alternative to tweezers and scissors.   Hardware manicure and pedicure is fast, safe and effective.

This type of manicure and pedicure comes from Germany. It quickly became popular, because it has lots of advantages. Hardware manicure allows to remove quickly the horny skin on hands and feet. Polishing machine polishes the cuticle carefully in order not to damage the skin and nails. As a result, the skin near nails is soft and smooth. The effect persists for 14-20 days.

With hardware manicure and pedicure you'll forget about cuts and cracks. It has to be experienced to be understood. Today hardware manicure is in demand in beauty salons and in the mobile manicure and pedicure service.

Benefits of hardware manicure and pedicure

This procedure is popular because it is:

  1. safe – the treatment process with the device is the least traumatic and does not damage the nail plate and the skin around it;
  2. painless – the nail master only gives you a tickle;
  3. sterile – excludes any infection due to the processing technique;

Moreover, it is easy to perform the manicure at home. Hardware manicure and pedicure has long-term effect because the cuticles grow more slowly. So your  nails look trim for much longer. Therefore, this procedure is quite inexpensive and allows you to save your money.

Say yes to mobile hardware manicure if you don't want to waste time on nail bath. 
Hardware manicure and pedicure do not require preliminary steaming of the skin, the nail master uses only dry surface. 
During the procedure diamond and ceramic nozzles can be used. Manicure set is presented by dozens of nozzle's shapes. If you have nail coating, the nail master uses a ceramic mill to remove the acrylic and gel coatings. It is not heated during the process, protecting you from any discomfort.

What to choose: classic or hardware

Hardware manicure is considered to be the most popular and highly effective for creating unsurpassed manicure and pedicure. Classic or edging technique carries the risk of a cut sharp cosmetic item, that's why ILuvMe nail masters recommend you to try less traumatic technique – hardware manicure and pedicure. Please pay attention to the fact that we do not recommend hardware manicure and pedicure if you have nail plate damage or thin and brittle nails.