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Naked Tan is Australia's most popular tanning brand. Vegan-friendly, this brand was established in 2007 and is responsible for the first ever two-hour wash and wear tan. Using these products you can feel like a true bronzed beauty.

Available in 3 Shades:

About Naked tan

Prepare for your tan by exfoliating
and removing dead skin
Don't shave or wax any later than 24 hours before your tan
Don't use moisturizer the day of your tan - It will create a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution
Stay away from deodorant and perfume or any other body sprays on the day of your spray tan
Try to not leave tanning solution for longer than 5 hours, as the color might be compromised
To maintain your tan keep hydrated and your skin moisturized. This will make your tan last and be streak free

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